Dreaming of Sunny Spring Days

February 27, 2019

So I saw these beads from my favorite glassblower and had to have them.  (I wish I'd taken a pic of the beads before, but I didn't.  Oh, well.)  It took me a little while, but I came up with a plan for them.  First, I had to mix the clay to the right colors:






(Yes, those are the color recipes scratched into the clay pieces for future reference.)  I wanted to use metallic clays to exploit their chatoyant nature:


How am I doing so far?


Then I made a pair of earrings with two glass beads that were particularly well matched.  They're very light because the beads are hollow!


I pulled together a bunch of beads in various shapes, sizes, and color combinations:


Got it all laid out, and realized that I was out of 3mm sterling beads.  Grrrrrr.  But a quick order took care of that, and eventually I could get back on track with it.  The end result was an Evil Spider Princess necklace in shades of a clear spring day:


I took some of the extra beads and made a long chained necklace.  Both necklaces ended up with this very beautiful lady, who clearly knows how to make a perfect match:



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