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I started my career in chemistry doing plant quality assurance.  After about 18 months of that, an opportunity opened up in the Microscopy group in the Analytical department.  The first time I sat down at a scanning electron microscope was like coming home.  I've spent nearly three decades as a materials microscopist, closely examining the structure of the microverse.


A few years later, I discovered polymer clay.  You can learn more about the material and techniques in the "Experimental" section.  I've also spent decades honing my skills and developing my voice with this very versatile material.  Perhaps it was inevitable that the designs of my handcrafted jewelry would be strongly influenced by the structures and patterns that I see in the microscope.


ArtSci designs is where the joy I find in microscopy and the artistic thrill I find in polymer clay intersect.  In other words, the space where art meets science.

The Ladies in Hampton Court Palace.png

Scientist by day, artist by night....but sometimes my science gets a little artsy and vice versa.

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