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So, some of you know that we haven't always been the biggest fans of social media & the inter webs. But, over time, even we have slowwwwly adapted to the digital age (we're not sure what's more applicable here: "Resistance is futile" or "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold").

In April of 2016, we launched the very website that publishes this blog & the response has been outstanding. We also created a Facebook artist page for the business, as an easier mechanism to follow along. More recently, we opened an Instagram account – there's a real simplicity to the site, a stripped down snapshot quality that feels super-clean.

The website's already gone through a number of iterations since we launched last year – it showcases ArtSci designs' pieces, provides tons of related information & is the launchpad for our regular blog posts. This is definitely where all the details are.

Though Artsy Sciencey has had a Facebook personal account for several years, we built on the 2016 launch of the ArtSci designs business & website to create a Facebook artist page. This is where we share blog posts from the website, short Instagram posts, as well as other relevant content, like info about shows and whatnot (because who isn't a big fan of whatnot?). So Facebook is the place to get an overview of what's going on with ArtSci designs.

More recently, we started looking into other, simpler social media tools & immediately honed in on the clean format – & superior ease of use – of Instagram. ArtSci designs is now using this tool to share photos & quick commentary for new (and old) pieces & events.

As we move past the one-year mark, look for us in these 3 locations:




You'll notice that these platforms often reference each other, like posting the Instagram pics onto Facebook... It's all so very meta, isn't it? We'll keep you posted as we continue to wend our way through this digital age.

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