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So, I've been at this artist thing a LONG time now. Workshops, seminars, conferences – all while working full time as a materials microscopist. I've worked on a lot of cool, interesting pieces — pieces that I've kept in a drawer or on a shelf or, well, somewhere.

A random friend (shut up, Seth) recently suggested I dust some off & put 'em on display – in a digital sense. So, the ArtSci Archive was born, and went live on our site just a few days ago. You'll see it up on the main menu right now. The Archive is really a page-in-progress, & includes jewelry from many years back, along with stuff made just last year. We'll keep adding pieces over time.

For me, it's an inter-web-walk down memory lane. For you, it might be cool to see these older & newer works; it might even provide insights into my crazy brain.

Or not.

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