Going Into The Forest

Last year, two talented artists – Emily Squires Levine & Laura Tabakman – created an incredible installation piece called "Into the Forest." Shown here, "ItF" was inspired by the aspen groves of the Rocky Mountains, and went on display last September at the Park Towne Apartments in Philadelphia, PA. It was quite a hit.

As they opened the project to the entire polymer clay community, Julie Eakes was brought in to help out....it quickly got too large for two people to handle! The response has been absolutely amazing – artists from all over the globe have submitted sculpted leaves and grass and snails and fungi and insects.

Here are the thirteen polymer clay fiddleheads I created for the installation. Many other submissions – pieces of incredible imagination, variety and intricacy – are shown on ItF's Facebook page.

A preview of Into the Forest will be presented this August at the Synergy 4 conference in King of Prussia, PA.

The fully expanded, community-driven project will have its debut this fall in Pittsburgh, PA, at the Spinning Plate Gallery, with Opening Night festivities on Friday, November 10, 2017.

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