Happy Holidays!

With three Thanksgiving dinners past (yes, three, including one with sauerbraten), we are full-on in the run up to New Year's. So that's party, cocktails, tree decorating, cocktails, shopping, cocktails, presents, cocktails, luncheon, cocktail, party, cocktails... Well, you get the gist.

In the midst of all of that, ArtSci designs has two more shows. On Tuesday, December 5, we'll be at the Methacton High School Cheer Sip & Shop. And then, over the weekend (that's December 9-10), you can find us at the Water Tower Craft Show at the Water Tower Recreation Center. For more information, please check our Events page.

Between November 1 and January 15, there will be a multitude of holidays celebrated by a wide variety of religions, so merry everything from ArtSci designs!

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