Inspiration to Execution: Vol. 1 & 2

I take pictures all the time. Of everything. Ask my goddaughter, who kept saying in Paris, "What are you taking a picture of NOW?" Because inspiration is everywhere, if you are looking for it. The real question, though, is often along the lines of, "Yeah, so? I dig it, but what do I do with it?"

Here, in what I (optimistically) anticipate will be a series, are the first 2 examples, both of which are color inspirations.

Volume 1:

So I'm driving home from work one day, this fall. If I time it just wrong, I end up stuck at this one traffic light for several cycles. While I'm sitting (and sitting) there, I start to look around and admire the fall foliage – and I see this:

It's not a great image, I know. But I was struck by the contrast between the dark green tree and the bright green vine. I rolled that color combination around in my head for a while, and eventually, it manifested as a polymer clay inlaid bangle:

Volume 2:

This one is even easier. Part of the reason that I bought the house that I did was because of the kickass sunset view, like so:

(That's an unretouched photo, BTW.)

I won't say the view is that dramatic every single day, but I get a stunning view more days than not. It's awesome. And while we're talking about sunsets, did you know that there is a Premo! Sculpey® color called "Sunset Pearl?" I told you this one was easy:

You get the idea. Just look around. And then figure out how to work what you see into your narrative. Color, shape, pattern... Inspiration is everywhere, if you are looking for it.

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