ArtSci designs: A Year in Review

It's been a very busy year here at ASd!  For our second year in business, we made a minor stylistic change to the name: ArtSci Designs became ArtSci designs.  ASd for short. We also got a totally new logo to go along with the change – because our Marketing Director, Seth Pinkham, rocks like that!

– New ArtSci designs logo, created March, 2017 –

From a social media standpoint, we published 27 blog entries (including this one) in 2017, up from 12 in 2016.  Seth also launched an Instagram page for us, which now has more than 70 posts. We've updated and maintained the Artsci designs Facebook page, as well.

In the category of continuing ed, I went to Clayathon (as I have every year since it started) and took Richard Salley's Balance Beam Bracelet class at BeadFest.  And for inspirational travel, I was lucky enough to wend my way to Paris, Key West, London, Lafayette, and Pittsburgh.  How's that for geographic diversity?

We did 5 shows last year, and 5 this year... But the shows this year were bigger and better.  We had to jury in to all but one of them, and had our best day yet at Art on the Avenue in October.  Additionally, we participated in two gallery shows. "The Jewelers Bench and Off the Easel," was a curated jewelry show at Opal Fine Arts Gallery in Leonardtown, MD, and we contributed to the installation piece "Into the Forest" at Spinning Plate Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA.

While bracelets continue to be the item that is most recognizably ASd, we tried some new aspirational pieces like the Evil Jungle Princess™ necklaces and the Articulated Maelstrom™ – and they flew off the shelves.

– Kyanite Evil Jungle Princess™ Necklace/Earrings + Articulate Maelstrom™ Necklace –

Yep. It's been a really good year for ArtSci designs.  Thank you for helping us make it so.


So what are we looking forward to in 2018? 

Hacienda Mosaico and Clayathon.  Some new and different shows.  Tahitian pearls.  Donating a percentage of our proceeds to a charitable organization.  (Considering CERF, which helps provide insurance for artists, but open to suggestions.)  Purple.  Learning and developing new techniques, and continuing to stretch artistically. "The Art of the Bead" show at Allegory Gallery, and maybe other gallery opportunities.  Collaborations.  Excited to continue growing this fledgling business! 

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

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