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Clayathon the 13th

This year was the 13th (!) annual Clayathon. It gets bigger every year. New pre- and post-conference workshops, plus the ever-fabulous Donna Kato as the guest artist, bumped the number of attendees to over 100 people! (And yes, in case you are wondering, sometimes bigger really is better!) So much wonderful work being done – here are just a few examples...

Polymer Clay Fishies by Amy Sutryn

– Polymer Clay Fishies by Amy Sutryn –

Polymer Clay Pens by Lisa Clarke

– Polymer Clay Pens by Lisa Clarke –

Polymer Clay Bits by Laura Tabakman

– Polymer Clay Bits by Laura Tabakman –

As ever, it was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends, make some new ones, learn some things, and win some grooviness from the fundraising auction. This year, the proceeds of the auction went to Ron Lehocky's Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. Plus, Sherman had some of Ron's hearts available for sale. Hit the link to read more about this wonderful charity in Kentucky.

So I bought some extra tickets this year. An anonymous donor had contributed a number of new and vintage polymer clay pieces by some of the top-flight artists in the field. Plus, good cause and all that jazz. In the end, I did really well. I won polymer pieces by Lindly Haunani, Libby Mills, Ford & Forlano, Donna Kato, and a ceramic piece by Martha Aleo that I had laid claim to as soon as I saw it posted on her blog. Let me tell you, I STUFFED that raffle!

Ceramic Piece by Martha Aleo

– Ceramic Piece by Martha Aleo –

Once again, I viewed this as an opportunity to go into serious production mode. Four days of uninterrupted clay time – yes, please! And, again, I was not nearly as productive as I had hoped to be (but mostly because my expectations for myself are completely unrealistic – LOL). My grand total output?

My Clayathon 13 Total Output

– My Clayathon 2018 Total Output –

Copper Shibori Pendant on Sterling Chain

– Copper Shibori Pendant on Sterling Chain, Donated to Fundraiser –

Evil Spider Princess Ellipsoids

– Evil Spider Princess Ellipsoids –

7 bangles (including 2 tar gel resist and 1 carved), 6 earring pairs, 7 pendants (1 donated to the fundraiser), parts for 1 evil jungle princess necklace and for 1 evil spider princess necklace, and 6 new bead designs for "The Art of the Bead" show at Allegory Gallery (on display right now!) Not too shabby...

Now to get to work on the finishing and assembly.

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