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ASd Year in Review: 2018

Well, it's that time again, when everyone is doing their year-end synopses. (If I were going to be really original, I'd do this in July, right?) I blogged here considerably less than I did last year....only 13 entries. But our Instagram side was on fleek, with over 75 posts and more than 1.2K likes! (The image above is our Instagram Top 9.) So from a social media standpoint, I think it went okay.

Five shows seems to be the number....3 in VA and 2 in PA this year. The 3 in VA were all repeat shows (including Handmade Arlington, which was ASd's very first show in 2016). The 2 in PA were both new to us, and one of them (Conshohocken Arts Festival) was a brand new show. It's nice to get in on the ground floor of something, especially when it's right in the neighborhood! Gallery-wise, Asd participated in the 2nd annual "Off the Jeweler's Bench" show at Opal Gallery in MD, and in the "Art of the Bead" show at Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, PA. Additional, I am one of the regular artists at a new gallery right here in Conshohocken called the Artists Loft.

Continuing ed. I always feel the need to develop new skills and learn new things. I started my year at the always wonderful Hacienda Mosaico with Richard and Jane Salley. (Read more about that here.) In February, I enjoyed myself at Clayathon. (Here.) And in June, I attended a master class with Kathleen Dustin. (Here.)

And travel? Oh, yes! Puerto Vallarta, the Jersey shore, Baltimore (twice), New York (a few times), Portugal, Maine, New Orleans, Greece, Lafayette (twice), and the DC metro more times than I can count. It was a busy year!

Thank you all for being part of it!

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