Makelight: Year of Color

January 25, 2019

Toward the end of last year, as all of the "year in review" stuff started cropping up, I saw a new-to-me one called "Year of Color" by Makelight.  What it does it take all of your Instagram photos and pull them into a graph like an Ishahara color test plate.  (Remember those color blindness tests that you did in grade school?  The ones that were a bunch of dots with a number hidden in it?  Those are Ishahara color test plates.)  Cool idea, right?  So here's mine:

 And then you can do fun things like put it in rainbow order, or emphasize saturated colors, or choose your favorite to be the central color (because green):


I was surprised, though, by the colors in the overview.  Less green and more pink than I was expecting.  Less black and grey, more blue.  And almost no yellow at all. 


Overall, I thought this was a fun little diversion.  But it does give me some ideas on how to think about expanding my color palette for 2019.




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